PDF Upload Stack Help!

Hi, I am looking for an easy PDF file upload stack where the file goes direct to an email address (no server, no dropbox, no database) ??? thanks

Hi, Monica,
To make things more clear – are you sure you need an “upload” stack (something that your viewers can use to upload PDF files to your site) or, rather a “download” stack that can be used by your viewers to download PDF files to their computers?

Hi Rob,

my client has a recruitment agency, so I have used the Snapform as he needs his candidates to select positions applying for, education… extra from multi-question (drop down menu) then the client attaches his/her resume and send.
But he did not like it since he and I are having issues configuring the Snapform and he does not want to the uploads to go to the server.

What he wants now, is the client to upload PDF resume, click send and it goes directly to his email.

I was looking at Collect Stack I am not sure if it can be configured to send via email?

@Rovertek PS: he does not want to use database!!!

Might want to check out this post

Thank you @teefers, for sure I will checked-out!

@monica – There is a very simple solution. Maybe you can just use a link of the “mailto” type (like the one RW places in the footer of a page)? That way, the candidate would click on that link, which would open their mail app. Then, they would just attach their PDF resumé and send it away. No database required… :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rovertek, I was thinking about this easy solution just now :slight_smile: