The link to my home page exists but is invisible

I am a rank newbie to Web design so this is possibly a silly question but here goes. Partway through my project using the “Split” template on Rapidweaver 7 the link to my Home Page is no longer visible. Initially it was visible, however somewhere along the way it has disappeared from view. The link still exists and the cursor can action the link by clicking on the link area, however there is no colour on “Hover” no colour on Navigation current.

I can’t seem to find any area within any of the various settings to be able to adjust this. Can anyone trow some light on the matter?

I said I was a rank Newbie… Ive just discovered that somewhere along the way I must have deleted the word “Home” from the Pages List. The Home symbol was visible but no text & hence no representation on the page, even though the link still existed and was operable. OOPs, hope I didn’t cause any splinters to some of you Gurus while you scratched your heads wondering. Sorry.

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