Old Schooler need help

I prefer using point size for my types, rather than HTML tags. Can I use my way or die with HTML?
All help will be appreciated.

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Hello Humberto,

What are you using to define your font sizes at the moment?

@printery1 You are definitely old schooler! The days of using HTML to define size is long gone. Possible but not advisable.

You can really define font size for various things (headers, regular paragraph, etc.) by using CSS. Point sizes are just fine.

It probably depends on what theme you are using. The newer frameworks (Foundry, Foundation, and many others) have you define your font sizes up front. So you have complete control. Regular themes can sometimes be trickier to discern what CSS selectors to you. But someone can surely help you if you point to an example page.

For text; Headings, sub-headings, regular text



Thanks Mathew

I started with RW4, I am returning as a novice at my 79 years. Sorry I meant CSS, not HTML. I work in book typography, at this age I’m not going to change or learn how to. Remember that say that you cannot change an old dog, a new trick… I do not have a sample at this time, but I can say text type like the one show in your response.


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