Fonts are HUGE in RapidWeaver Version 8

Fonts are HUGE in RapidWeaver Version 8. The fonts are turned WAY down, but still very large at:

Sorry… The website is: not That is another website I have.

It looks as if you have all your text labelled as an H1 header. Change that to a paragraph tag and they should size down appropriately

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I’ve changed it to “paragraph” but the fonts are still huge.

just checked your “about us” page and most of the text there is declared as H1.
A H1 is a header declaration in HTML, just a heading.
You should have it short and online one short H1 as per page.
The rest should be in paragraph tags.

Checking your CSS file I saw that some of your fonts are up to 5.5 rem, a bit big, but don’t know where it is used.

On your homepage you have barely text but one H1 (what is fine) and further down an H3. Don’t see a H2 headline.
Hard to figure out what the website should be about. Text is missing.

The text will come after the formatting is done correctly, e.g. font size. I had made the test using the “paragraph” setting and it’s still huge. I can’t continue with the site until that is working correctly. Any other ideas?

Sorry but on your about page you still have the whole text in h1 tag.
Therefore the text appears still way too big.

I cleared formatting. I’m serious. I’m not sure what’s going on now.

The text you are writing in your about page is all in an

h1 your text end h1 tag.

It should be in p tag your text goes here end p tag
then the text would be fine

I’m not sure I follow you. What do I need to change, specifically?

Please check your mail. Sent you an e-mail trying to help you there.

Hope it’s working for you.

This issue has been resolved. Thank you Thorsten.

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