Super size font

I want to use a large display font size say, 100pt - 120pt on a page. Am using foundation and its already set for the other pages/headings on the site, and worried to change.

Is there a seperate stack I could use, or whats the best way to proceed?

Use Joe Workman’s FontAwesome stacks. You can set whatever size you want with them.

Try this:

  1. put a stander header stack into a cssbox stack(free from Joe Workman)
  2. add a class name (example super-size)
  3. add the following CSS:
.super-size h3{

Change the font size to what you want, also can change the h3 to what you set the header stack too.



You might be best using a stack like Billboard. This will let your text scale up to whatever size will fit in its container. Using a big fixed font size like you are talking about will likely cause you issues on certain screen sizes otherwise.

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Thanks, very clever!!!

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