On/Off Switch in CMS

Hi all,

To give a bit of background - my client would like an online status of various aspects of an operation in 10 different locations which could be updated by my associates in each location and viewed by my client at any point.

I imagine this will, for example, one of Joe Workman’s CMS solutions with editable text area on update on the status, however, I would like this to be as simple as possible to update and view.

Ideally for each aspect I would like a on/off switch such as this one:

Does anyone have any idea how to:

  • Make the switch only editable by my clients and the result saved after their edit.
  • My client is able to view the switches as saved but not edit them

Also as a sideline to this - how to time stamp the date changes were made in text/switch within a CMS solution such as Joe’s.

I hope this is clear - if not please do let me know.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


The sentry stack drom NimbleHost is a possible solution.


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Thank you - this looks like a great stack but slightly different in what it does.

I’d like, for example, to have a switch for ‘Stock in place’.

If all stock is in place my associate would mark it as green on the switch, if not red and then write details. They can edit this and my client can just view it.

The idea is rather than having a lot of text - it’s more visual and you can quickly see any issues.

First, it’s not really clear to me what you’re looking for so I might be mis-interpreting things.

You may want to consider Armadillo. I currently have a website with 11 contributors. They are responsible for different portions of content (Armadillo does blogs, but also solo content areas). When an admin signs on they see everyone’s work, the date created, the last date edited, and status (draft or published).

I’m guessing you want the client to have final “approval” and publish a solo content area in draft status. Unfortunately with Armadillo the client would be able to edit things but hopefully some clearly worded instructions would encourage them not to engage in such behavior!

I’m not sure if this is addressing your problem.

Ok I’ll try to be clearer…

In my job role (aside from web design) I help to run the operation of 10 different stores across the UK for a client (not a website client - a business client who owns the stores).

I would like to build a web page where each store has it’s own space within the one page to show the status of various things.

An example might be:


Stock In Place ( )
Lighting working ( )
Advertising screens working ( )
Pricing In Place ( )

Where the ( ) would be the switch as in the link above.

These switches would be editable my business associates running each store but the client (as in who owns the stores - not my website client) we just want to be able to see each switch as set by my business associates running each store.

So they login and can see where issues are to get a quick overview of the operation.

I hope this is clearer?

The Toggle and Select stacks in Total CMS should fit the bill for you. I think…



@ham-uk Thanks for clarifying. That also makes it clear my suggested approach won’t work well in you case. Sorry.

Thanks Joe - this is brilliant. I had not been awoken to Total CMS but its certainly powerful and will work really well.

@Mathew No problem. Thanks for your help anyway! :smile:

@joeworkman Is there any way to date/time stamp when a total cms area was last updated?

It does not do that. However, that data is logged into the cms.log file that you can review whenever you need.