OneLittleDesigner no longer in business?

Good evening all. I was ready to purchase some product from Onelittledesigner but their web site has been down for 2 days. I have questions prior to purchase. They are not recently active on Twitter or Facebook so I can’t verify whether they are still in business.

Any input is welcome.

They recently updated a stack a couple weeks ago. That would suck if they are not in business, they have great collection of stacks. Give it some more time see what develops. @1LittleDesigner @1LDskyler

I sure hope so!!!

I just had a technical support question answered two days ago, and I only experienced their website not working today. So I’m not sure if that’s the case, I sure hope not. I purchased all if not most of their stacks.

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Looks to be back up again.


Whatever the reason was/is. 1LD has a stellar customer support. I never had an unanswered email.


1LD announced a Summer Sale today so maybe their site was down temporarily to prepare for the sale.


Up to 50% off everything above $50, otherwise 30% off.


Absolutely alive and kicking. And there are some great-looking stacks on offer that I shall be helping myself to as a reward when I’ve finished stripping this wallpaper!

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