Is fake, bot or what?

(Murat Ozgul) #1

I’ve been trying to reach for 5 days, but I can’t get through. I tried to reach on from Facebook, Twitter, directly site support page even here with DM message but I didn’t get any response. I have a couple of pre-sale question which is important to me but I can’t reach them. If I buy something from there, how do I ask for support? This led me to think twice. What should I do? I am really confused. How can I trust this developer?

(Patrick Murphy) #2

Onelittledesigner is very real. I emailed to them on Friday Nov. 16 at 1:51 am my time (Eastern - NYC) and got a reply at 2:13 am. I did use a “private” company email address for Jon directly, not the public support email – but I assume he or his staff would answer all emails.

I don’t know why you are having trouble. Could it be anything on your end such as their return email being blocked by a spam filter?

I have contacted him in the past with bug reports or questions, and almost always got a very fast response such as fixing the bug or answering the question.

I do like his themes and stacks and so I’d highly recommend Onelittledesigner. Again, sorry you are having a problem and hope he can solve it.

(LJ) #3

Just to add I’d second what @pmurph5 said - always found them to be responsive and helpful as well as innovative. Surprised you are having difficulties but agree it must be frustrating

(Rob Beattie) #4

+1. 1LD is alive and kicking and sent out news of a new stack very recently. It’s probably just a temporary glitch in the Matrix.

(Murat Ozgul) #5

Thank you guys, problem solved they finally reached me. :metal:

(lco) #6

I contacted them about 40 days ago and got a response from Ben - and let him know of my issue - have not heard back and it’s been almost a month an a half.

I placed an order, and somehow got doubled - trying to get that fixed, but I’m not getting any response either through the website or responding directly to the email I was sent a month and a half ago.

(MRO) #7

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. :sunglasses:

(lco) #8

of course - I agree - just asking if there might be a better way to contact them. I didn’t begin this topic, but would really like to solve the issues

(system) #9

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