A shout out to One Little Designer

(r) #1

Recently needed some help with one of their products, @1LittleDesigner they provided customer assistance for about a week to make sure everything was working right. Check them out, great themes/stacks and excellent customer service!


Strange, I sent a presales question to them a week or two ago and didn’t get a reply at all. Maybe it got lost. Guess I’ll try again.

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I know there’s a time difference, i would usually get a reply after 9pm EST the following day.

(Jeremy Hawes) #4

@rolisize Glad to help! :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Hawes) #5

@Beemerang Sorry we missed your presales question - I’ll sort through our inbox today and see if it either got missed or if our email filtered it incorrectly.


Okay, thanks Jeremy.