Online Booking Stack

(Michael Frankland) #12

Thanks @Bushman - hoping to make this a reality this year :slight_smile:

(Edward Anderson) #13

no… Thank you @yuzool - looking forward to seeing it and using it! :slight_smile:

(Lisa Sandler) #14

I too, would love to see this happen :slight_smile:

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #15

:+1:good question @monica , I would be very interested too.

(Michael Frankland) #16

Thanks @monica - how is the driving school and small clinic sites going?

We have a simple version of this out now ready to go and I think it will match the simplicity you are looking for:

There’s also a short video of me giving it a play:

It’s a great start and the first Booking Stack for RapidWeaver :hugs:

cc/ @scottjf @koles @neckley0207 @Bushman @LSPhoto @TINO

Hotel Booking Plugin
Stack for B&B booking?
(Scott Frankel) #17

Hi Michael,

The Booking Stack is quite appealing but I would need more fields as our business requires location and times to do a hire quote.

We do bookings that require fields;

Start Date
Start Time
Finish Date
Finish Time

If you has these extra fields or even the ability to add fields as required in a future update I would be very interested in purchasing this stack.

Thanks for your greta work.


(michael from therapage) #18

The stack seems simple to use and might be a good solution for smaller businesses. But is there no booking confirmation for the customer? I made some reservations on the demo site but didn’t get a confirmation

(Monica Sayegh) #19

Thank you for developing the stack, well the 2 sites I have built earlier are still on WP as that time I could have the online booking through WP.

The Booking Stack is great. I did try roughly the demo and need to learn it more, but I agree with others that we would need more fields “such as for time” and an email confirmation to customers that the appointment has been confirmed.

(Jan Fuellemann) #20

Hi, the Booking Stack is a great first step. But I think it needs some more features. From the user’s site I would love to add a timing selection, a person selection (how many and which age, e.g. adult or kids). Then they need a confirmation, and now we are looking at the backend:

The backend has to store the dates already booked and display a visual indication at the frontend - a different color in the day selection perhaps? The company needs to see bookings and requests on a one page panel. Before I start using excel or other tools, I would rather just use a preexisting service and add it via iframe or other means to my site.



(Konstantijn Van Calster) #21

Yes indeed great stack/ idea, but in need of more advanced features.

(Austin Chandler) #22

Hi Michael,

I saw the email about the stack and took a look. I’ll add on to what others have said above; to which I agree with what they have said about needing more from such a stack. This stack wouldn’t be able to be much use to any of the sites that I have made that needed to have appointment bookings.

I’m currently using this php script and its working well with the themes I have been using

At the minimum for a booking stack I would need the ability to set up the times of being able to book, block off time when it is booked, and notifications to both the person who booked and the person who keeps track of it at the company.

(Steve Harlington) #23

Looks great stack with lots of potential, would be fantastic if you integrated tour Pay stack into it so people could make a booking and pay for it.

(Michael Frankland) #24

Thanks @scottjf - great feedback and looking to add more fields :slight_smile:

Thanks @monica for the time idea and also email confirmations. We’ll look at adding those also.

Thanks @apfelpuree - yes the confirmation is instant on the screen “thank you for your booking” (which can be edited in the Stack). But will look at adding email confirmations. And agreed: simple to use and great for smaller businesses. That’s the target with this.

Thanks @Fuellemann, @nediradesigns, @TINO - will look at those!

@Heppys_Golf - now that’s an interesting idea! Did think this would be a natural progression.

V1 currently so lots we can add over time!
Thanks for your input everyone! I think this will evolve nicely over time :slight_smile: :tada:

Booking Stack - Yuzool
(Michael Frankland) #25

Version 1.1 in development already with time + date :wink:

Good for meetings (with time slots length) or hotels so just check in / check out times

Booking Stack - Yuzool
(Rob Beattie) #26

That looks a really nice script. Any chance you could share a site or two that you’ve made using this? I’d love to see what it looks like in a RW theme.

Many thanks


(Michael Frankland) #27

Version 1.1 is now launched and out there!

More info:

Thanks everyone for your ideas for making this happen :grin::+1:

(Monica Sayegh) #28

@yuzool Thank you for adding these extras!

(Michael Frankland) #29

For all those people waiting for it, 1.2 has been released today :tada:

Block bookings. Booking blocks out time & date slots dynamically so only non-reserved slots can be booked (prevents double bookings).

Emails going out and download / update within Stacks update function :slight_smile:

(Christopher Watson) #30

Has the demo been updated? I don’t see the Block bookings feature…?

(Michael Frankland) #31

Thanks @bitbumpy

Yes but only the second page…

Each page shows a different feature (to get the variety in)

Try this like I just tried to book (but I already booked it before):