Open Call to Private Beta: Build Artificial Intelligence into your websites

Hey all,

Some of you may be wondering what had been going on with Beta Stacks. Others of you may be wondering what Beta Stacks even is. :slight_smile:

Some time ago I released a couple stacks and a project template. The motivation for this was to prepare for the main project I have been working on for well over a year now. This project is actually the evolution of my Chatterbox stack which allows for speech synthesis on websites. I released that stack knowing that it pales in comparison the the version I planned to release.

After a couple months of development I landed with a suite of stacks that let me build my own web app for; home automation, site navigation, and more. This suite includes the ability to control all interactions via voice recognition.

I refrained from releasing the stacks because there are still some bugs as well as my concern of publicly releasing my Intellectual Property. I am in the process of pitching a couple applications of the technology to various companies.

However, I feel that this technology is something that many of you would enjoy and I believe that the outstanding creativity and genuine curiosity of this group will help things move forward faster.

This is why I will be releasing a private beta of the stacks. This will require you to sign a confidentiality agreement so that I can ensure my right to patent any intellectual property that I have created.

If you are interested in participating just let me know and I will get you the form to sign.




Wow, this is very intriguing! Sounds awesome.

Best of luck, Brandon! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Aaron! I hope to see people creating some cutting edge websites with it. I truly believe that Voice is going to become the primary interface in the future. Being able to create a application that acts like; an Amazon Echo, Siri, or Google Home directly in a website is pretty awesome. :slight_smile:

Yes, very best of luck with this - sounds fascinating.

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Very exciting! Would it also be suitable with e-commerce?

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Indeed, as long as the checkout process doesn’t take you to a 3rd party site like PayPal which doesn’t have speech recognition setup.

Slightly off topic but Interesting that HSBC’s voice ID authentication service got defeated this week - .

Security in Voice Interfaces is certainly something that needs some improvement. I have a plan for for a two step authentication flow that will help with this.

There are actually automated call bots that will go out and call numbers. It will then record you saying certain words or phrases. This has been an issue with telephone systems for a long time.

This sounds cool! I would love to try. Well, I am now using RapidCart Pro. I am thinking of doing a new site using Pulse 5 (Beta should be out in July according to Yuzoolthemes) with multilingual function, building it on Foundation, and together with RCPro. Well, I have PayPal but most of the e-commerce happens with Stripe

a bit off-topic though: something that I miss in RCPro though is client login page for order-look up, etc. ……

I haven’t used Pulse CMS. However, the Chatterbox A.I. stack directly integrates with Total CMS, Easy CMS, and Foundation. It is possible other CMS would work too is they support macros.

I used RapidCart Pro for a couple projects. It is a nice, “Set it and forget it.” Kind of solution.

I now use Cartloom 4. The $0/month option works for me and the payout directly links to my bank account. I also can add product listings to my site using Total CMS. It pairs particularly well with the Blog feature. You also have an online admin controller for all kinds of integrations.

Dear Brandon,
do you have a website to see the stacks online?
thank you and have a good evening,
best regards,