Stacks 3.1 beta -- Give it a try!

Hi Stacks fans,

We’ve got a new version of Stacks 3 in the works. We’ve been testing for about a month with the stack developers and its shaping up to be a pretty nice little update.

You can see the complete list of features and fixed bugs in the release notes, but here are some of the big ones:

  • 3rd party stacks can now use 3-wide control groups.
  • Latest jQuery and Font Awesome libraries.
  • (RW7 only) New info panel styling.
  • (RW7 only) Uses the RapidWeaver built-in info panel sidebar/window modes.
  • (RW7 only) New info-button on the selected stack.

If you’d like to join in the beta test versions you can grab a copy here:

Stacks v3.1 beta 4

Get Involved

Want to get involved? You can. These betas are open to the public. Follow @YourHeadSupport on twitter for more info on joining our chat group.


One more beta: You should get this version via auto-update or you can download below.

The Realmac guys added a new API to allow us to easily toggle the info panel open and closed. Nice! Thanks RMS API devs!

Stacks v3.1 beta 5

If you’re not following along on the beta you can expect v3.1 to make an appearance very soon. Maybe even tomorrow.


Stacks 3.1 beta 6

Some API additions and performance improvements.

Really really the last change. Really. (maybe) :stuck_out_tongue:

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@isaiah beta 5 was working fine for me but I’ve just installed b6 and RW7 crashes every time I try to load a project.

@ashleykaryl can you share a file with me that behaves this way, thanks. in the usual place (that i’m not allowed to mention here – sorry about that).

OK. I have a good example to work with. Silly mistake slipped through the cracks. Sorry about that. I’ll have it corrected very soon. 30 minutes at most.

Stacks 3.1 beta 7

Fixed crasher from previous release.