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I guess I should be knocking at Joe Workman’s door for this one. I’ll post it here to start so that it might be useful for others who have the same question, so here I go;

I designed an email in Joe Workman’s Email Stack and then copied and pasted the code into mail chimp. All works fine but I was wondering if the is a way to put an “Open in Browser” link at the top of the email or indeed if there is a stack available which would do that for me and if there isn’t a stack how I would code it.

I’ve searched Mailchimp but there doesn’t seem to be an option to at this.

Thanks in advance for your help.


So it is Foundation and not Foundry you are using?

Hi, Yes sorry I should have mentioned that.


Do you mean the regular “View Brower version” type of link you get in a lot of HTML emails?

If so, this isn’t something that will be added by the Email stacks, per se, as this has to be a live version of the email on the service you are using, so in your case Mailchimp.

The reason for this is because you want things like clicks etc. to register in the stats and you must have the unsubscribe button work as an unsubscribe, not just a clickable button.

don’t use Mailchimp, I use Sendy, and sendy gives you a bit of code to insert into your email, typically it looks like [webversion] or <webversion>View web version</webversion> if you want to change the text.

So, look for these codes inside MC, then add them to the email you create inside the Email stacks.

This is maybe the page you need to study: Add a Campaign Page Link to Your Email Campaign

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Thanks jamesbond. much obliged. I’ll have a go with that.


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