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I just need someone to explain to me why you can’t seem to have a “read more” button on paragraphs in html based emails. I assume it is because the email clients do not implement the full html standard?

I have a non profit that wants it - but I am sure that if you could do such a thing, @joeworkman would have done it by now. Am I right? I get plenty of e-shots from groups I belong to and don’t see that function. I need to kill the discussion. :slight_smile:

It is true that email HTML is very different to browser HTML. Email HTML is more like browser HMTL c.1996.

I’m not entirely understanding what you want to do though, so can you explain a bit further?

In terms of wrapping text in <a href="URL.com">text here</a> that is very old HTML and works fine in email HTML.

Thanks for engaging me in this @TemplateRepo - much appreciated. In layman’s terms what my “client” wants is for a “Read more…” button to be inserted so that, say, three sentences of the text appear and then if you click the button, the rest of the article drops down in-line. It’s the same function as rendered in several paragraph stacks I have - but when, for example, I tried BWD’s Paragraph Pro stack with the “Read More” child stack inside Joe Workmans Email stacks set up, the preview does not work like I might expect it to in respect of the Read More child stack. It just ignores everything and the entire paragraph is output. I believe it is because Joe has only implemented basic html support that will provide compatibility across the broadest email client range with their limited rendering capability. So my assumption is I need to tell my group they either have long newsletters or we start to use buttons and link to full articles in web pages, because the function they want is only available in browser-rendered web pages and will never see the light of day in html emails. Seem a reasonable bet?

OK, I get you now. No, that can’t be done in an HTML email. There isn’t even any version of it or anything close to it that can be done I’m afraid.

HTML in Emails is for formatting only, JavaScript (sophisticated CSS effects also) for accordeons (and other effects) is not supported in emails, and that’s a good thing. You don’t want to have random code in your inbox you can’t control.

If you want to have two versions of the message, one way would be a short email and a longer version of the content as a static page / html page, which you can link to with “Read more”, a common thing for newsletter, too (think of mail archives).


Thanks @TemplateRepo and @dripple - for the explanation as to why these functions are not supported. We will end up with the short message/ HTML page I am sure. Might just use the opp to have the expanded version in our blog - and drive traffic into to website that way. Thanks again for the support.

For what it’s worth, based on the experience of nearly 20 years now sending out bulk email campaigns for hundreds of clients over the years, almost all of them want far too much content in their emails. I regular edit down many hundreds of words to less than fifty and they almost always gets a better click rate.

Obviously it depends on the types of emails you are sending out, but the idea is normally to drive website traffic. So as you’ve decided to do: Give them a flavour in the email then a read more link which takes them to a landing page. Which can be a blog post, product page, etc.

Also, remember that Gmail and some others will clip emails bigger than just over 100kbs. Your email app will add a few kb’s, and the text version can add 5-10kbs too. So the HTML in your emails should never really top 90kbs.

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Thanks @TemplateRepo - excellent and valuable advice. I’ll heed it! :+1:

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