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Hi I’m considering buying the Joe Workman email stack, but I need to know if it works with Foundry ?

No, it won’t work with Foundry. Building emails with the stacks is a very narrow focus. There are a lot of rules around what you can and can’t do with email that don’t apply to web design.

Foundry and Foundation are great platforms for building websites but would be about useless in designing an email template. I use Joe’s email stacks to build my newsletter and publish through mailchimp. It works great but you must have some clue as to what you are doing when building the out.

My suggestion is to sign up at they have an excellent tutorial series on Joes mail stacks. It isn’t free but is highly worth the content for this and the other tutorials.

They do have a teaser video that shows the basics available for the mail stacks.

They also have Foundry and Foundation tutorials.

Joes Email Stacks use their own theme and are not intended to be used in other platforms like Foundry or Foundation. Their purpose is to visually build email templates which are highly compatible with all email clients outside. With a special stack from this set you can grab the code of an email and put it into an external service like MadMimi or MailChimp or use it with a self-hosted Sendy installation etc.

I don’t want to derail the topic, but I was wondering if the Email stacks would be able to create email templates for Sitelok.
Obviously Joe makes the Sitelok stacks, and I wonder if they could work together to populate the email template with various Sitelok snippets and functionality?


As said above, no. It’s not made to be used with other stacks, as other stacks often don’t produce email compatible HTML. Email (from Joe) works entirely on it’s own, with RW and S4.

Creating HTML emails that work across ALL email clients is a whole world of pain and a massive learning curve. The reason is because email clients don’t render HTML like browsers in 2020, but browsers in 1991, so you have to use the most basic of code, which means you need to think creatively to get them look “right”.

I’ve been creating bulk mail newsletters for well over a decade and I’ve tried most platforms. Joe Email stacks are one of the best for the money. Not just within RW but in the whole market. And really not just for the money, but for a lot lot more. It’s got it’s quirks, but you can produce stunning HTML emails with it.

Bear in mind that you can’t bulk send the emails it produces via services like Gmail unless sending to very small lists. You will need a service like Mailchimp for that, or if you are going to get serious about it, Sendy.

Chilidog Hosting used to offer a very affordable Sendy service, not sure if they still do, I run my own nowadays. But worth checking it out.


Yes. Many people use them to build emails that are sent with Sitelok and many different form stacks as well.

Can you build to allow clients to use in different email newsletter systems?

Will Email Stack work with MS Word? I use Word and Outlook (I know) to send mass emails for work and already know how to use it and own it.

Yes. You build the template styles and you customer can add text.

I’m unclear what you mean, so my attempt to answer could be off the mark. Outlook can receive an email designed with the Email stacks. If Outlook let’s you past HTML, you should be okay. I can’t comment on Word without a little more info.

I guess I’m asking if you can create the email with the stacks and then paste the results of your creation into a word document so that you can mail merge with Outlook.

Sorry, what I meant was can you create emails to pass to a client to use with their mailing solution whether it be mail chimp, hubspot etc. Or is it meant for use only in your own setup?

(Did that makes any more sense?)

Yes. Email outputs inline CSS HTML, so this can be stopped into any distribution solution.

Email also produces a text only version too.



I have no clue if that will work. I do not own MS Word or Outlook. I haven’t for probably 10 years now.


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