Can I use Foundation 6 Stacks on Email Stacks?

I’m building an Email with @joeworkman Email stacks, but my client wants a form in that email. Can I use the Foundation 6 form stacks with Email Stacks?

Nope. Add a button that will take the user to the web page with the form.


whoa… $60 dollars for basically do the same with the free @Doobox Mailshot app?? Before I asked for a refund can you explain me what else can I do with that Foundation Email Stack bundle to build html email? I mean… I can do more with Foundation 1 and Foundation 6 form/email builder and get the code for any service with an online conversion page.

cheaper options:
Dragon Mail

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HTML for an email is completely different than HTML for a webpage. You cannot do 99% of the things that we can do in a webpage inside of an email. Form builders have nothing to do with build HTML email.

None of the apps that you mention can do what you are asking. Why? It’s just not possible.

Dragon Mail is $50. Has horrible reviews on App Store. Good luck with that.
Directmail - Subscription based.
Mailshot - You are stuck with its one layout. It’s not a full blown email builder.

Email stacks have…

  • One time fee
  • Works into your existing RapidWeaver workflow
  • Responsive email
  • Custom layouts. Blank canvas just like Foundation
  • Easily copy HTML to paste into tons of places
    • Foundation Forms (and other form stacks)
    • Sitelok
    • Tons of Email ESPs
    • HTML Email clients (Airmail, Whoosh)
  • My amazing support… :slight_smile:

These are examples of how I use the Email stacks to create Mailchimp campaigns. I have links in the emails to go to the appropriate web page.


My Amazing Support ! :rofl:
ok, I will keep it… it was easy to work with I give you that

We use the email stack also for our company Newsletters, easy to setup and use with Mailchimp. We even combine some specific mailchimp functions inside the Email stack like personalize the newsletter for every receiver :

Awesome stuff!


I think the email stacks are wonderful. The only disappointment is that most browsers ignore embedded fonts, so it’s best to stick with websafe ones. I usually end up with Palatino, as here.


my client want me to change the basic header font for a google font called Playfair display how can I do that? @joeworkman any idea?

You can use FontPro in the email stacks (I’ve tried it) but, as I said, most email clients ignore embedded fonts, so what’s the point? If you’re just doing a couple of headers, you could use PNGs. I’d use SVGs but I don’t think most email clients support them either.

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If someone gets here with the same doubt I found a great way to do it.
paste this on HTML sidebar under head:

<link rel="preconnect" href=""> 
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

then drag an HTML stack and paste this inside:

<h3 style="font-family: 'Playfair Display', serif; color:#2F89C7; font-size:30px;">YOUR TEXT HERE</h3>

it works great! check it out here:

you will find these codes at the google font website: Google Fonts


I think even @Doobox script stack can be used too. I just add it embedded and I hope it works great for him. (already checked on three browsers and worked fine)

Google Fonts will work in some email clients but not all. So if you are going for consistency, then stick with system fonts that are common across all devices.


All the fancy stuff including fonts and backgrounds will work on andy Apple device. Good luck with anything else. Gmail sucks. Outlook sucks. And good forbid anyone using dark mode 24-7. Your email will look like an abstract work of bad art.

I run an email list of 19000 via Sendy (saving that particular client $200/month — people that use all kinds of different clients and browsers. In order to make your email look right you need to listen to Joe. Period. I’ve been sending email blasts since 2001 and I’ve seen it all.

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But we’re not talking about browsers but email clients.

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I’m with you 100% but in this case the client specifically ask for those google fonts for the header text so, I will tell him the pros and cons and deliver so we’re all happy

@Albertkinng My experience with Email theme/stack is disappointing. Picture scaling built in attributes don’t work, some alignment attributes don’t work, fonts don’t work, some colors display differently from client to client and elements may display weird when stacked.
$60 would be a fair amount to pay if the product was working as it should.

I tried @joeworkman support, but he wasn’t able to explain why the attributes working in his demo videos, are now not working. He kept insisting that it was expected behavior, despite the fact I sent him a loom doing the same things as he does in his demo and getting different results. I also went the extra mile and found why this was happening: Stacks plugin changed CSS inheritance from back then when the Email was developed and that’s why all those attributes worked in the demo 3 years ago, but not now.

I also tried to get a refund because the product was not as marketed in this demo by Joe, but PayPal did not approve the refund and got stuck with code I cannot use.

Frankly, I found it extremely unprofessional by @joeworkman to sell a product that is so outdated, attack a client (me) for a refund request and use unintelligent excuses to justify why marketed features are not working. This is also why I went with Foundry instead of Foundation.

I have found Outlook for iOS being the worst client for Email stack, so I suggest you included that in your testing or try as I do and experienced 0 issues, because everything just works. You choose a font, it creates the appropriate code to be displayed in Email clients, it gives you only web safe colors to choose from and it delivers the expected result in every mail client I have tested.


What is it you are having issues with? Outlook is a sod to get the formatting right for, especially with all that different versions, but I use Email almost daily and have worked out most workarounds.

Images don’t scale
Email Demo
My Demo

Colors not the same

Also if you look closely, logo image is not center aligned

I will search for the weird elements stacking issue and report back

I feel you. I’m disappointed too.