Open letter to RealMac/RapidWeaver - RW7 Publishing Issues

Rather surprisingly since it was so heavily beta-tested, RW 7 does appear to have several major flaws:

• the saving and exporting of Styles not working as expected

• bugs in Preview

Addons not being brought over to the new location in ~/Library/Containers…

• a bug whereby it’s possible to lose all Addons when a new one is added incorrectly

• a bug which defeats the process to copy Addons after they’ve apparently been moved once, but that process/operation has failed

• a bug which seems to prevent renaming of a Project file in the Finder

• a bug which prepends the string representing the path to the docroot on a remote server to the location in which a local publish takes place, creating nested directories for each element thereof

• a bug which seems to duplicate metatags when entered in Settings when they are already present in a Project

I’m a RW fan and supporter. Have been since version 3. A great community. Hard-working RM staff and extremely gifted and dynamic third party developers. And of course a great community here.

But this collection of malfunctions is actually preventing me (us?) from moving forward with sites. On paper, they’re issues that get commented on, not reproduced by others etc. When trying actually to accomplish something important, and being prevented, they’re very discouraging.

Whilst knowing it’s a busy time, and wishing the new RW 7 enterprise well, it would be nice to know which ways are likely to get which responses from which people within the RM inner circle and which are likely to get these pretty significant flaws fixed, when.

Like many others here, I too have written in and reported these. But too long a time has gone by when they’re not even acknowledged.

I really don’t wish to be negative, or to complain unduly. But we do ourselves no favours by not facing these shortcomings and arranging for fixes.

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