OpenCart Store in Rapidweaver Site

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate an OpenCart store installation into a RW website project. I figured that I’d be able to do it either via an iFrame page or an Offsite page. However, I seem to have misinterpreted the function of these pages as they both essentially navigate away from the RW project site. The RW7 manual has a very short section on the Offsite page type and nothing on the iFrame page type.

Would someone be kind enough to walk me through the differences between the two as well as use cases?

I would basically like to embed the entire OpenCart installation (which is in a subfolder on the server) into a RW page with site navigation etc shown as on my other project pages.

Any advice appreciated.


Hi there, did you find a solution to your question? Did you end up using OpenCart?

Hi @Gabrielle,

I eventually had to implement another online shop solution (Shopify) but I did figure out that Joe Workman’s would do the trick for something like that.

Good luck!

Which of Joe Workman’s tools did you use?


Apologies @Gabrielle, his Offsite stack seems to fit the bill.