Option to completely disable OG meta tags

I am starting to get more and more users having issues with colliding open graph meta tags on their RW8 sites. Is there a way to stop RW from inserting any OG meta tags?

Yes, this checkbox should do it…

Would it be possible @dan to make that available as a per-page option as well in the Page Inspector allowing the user to disable it on specific pages?

Now that I’ve slept on it… I suppose you could turn off the Generate Social Tags feature and then just use the Page Inspector to add Social Tags on each page other than the one you need them turned off for, but that seems like a lot more work than enabling the Generate Social Tags feature in the General Settings and then opting to disable the tags for one or two pages where they’re not needed, IMO.

RapidCart Pro automatically adds OG metadata for each product page.
RapidWeaver seems to put its own OG metadata on top, so they override (first-found-first-used) the ones set by the page.
It could be useful to set “Generate Social Tags” option as unchecked by default.

Most other settings similar to this can be controlled on a page by page basis. I am sure that users would appreciate it if they could turn it off on specific pages. But the general setting does at least fix the current situation. Thanks.