Images getting lost from project file (from std. blog template)

The discussion here (After latest updates all images present in my project disappeared) was closed with more or less no result. I have a similar problem, related to embedded images in the blog template: images disappear from the project file, randomly. They are still in the resources window, the filename are present in the project file and there is a placeholder, but empty. As soon as one republishes all files, the images disappears from the rendered website.

Any idea where I should investigate?

This sounds like one for @dan and @tpbradley

There seems to be a real problem with Missing Resources getting lost.

@tplaczek Thomas, just out of curiosity, what release of RW did you first create this project?
@dan there are a lot of posts with this issue:

I cut a ticket on the RW9 list, but I don’t know how accurate it is about what is going on.

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Hi Doug, thanks for reacting. I started creating the project back in 2012. So at this time it must have been RW6. I cannot remember exactly. It has undergone a lot of migrations, indeed.

@tplaczek, what version of RapidWeaver are you using?

Do you have a link to the live website with the missing images? I’m wondering if the images are not in the correct format for viewing on the web (or have the wrong extension so the browser is getting confused).

Yes I do: News and Updates at StatenClinic . Strange enough it looks like this happens only with the out of the box RW blog template (using the Elixir’s Hive Theme). Almost every other page is built by using stacks, where I never observed that pictures were disappearing.

Just an update: I took the effort to fix all of the missing images in the relevances page. Before that, I had selected the advanced option for Site Resources to “Copy Into document”. So far so good. Until now I didn’t experience any image loss. But we will see. I’ll keep you posted.

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