Out of Application Memory - Publishing in RW 7

I was having problems publishing after upgrading to RW 7. When publishing several pages I notice the php file for that page may or may not upload to my server. I could see supporting css files and php files, but not the main php file for each page. My browser would say “file not found”. Sure enough, after reviewing the files on server, the main php file did not upload. Then I make a big mistake - I updated RW to the latest beta version, 7.03. Now, I can’t get beyond export. Eventually, i get an error message saying I’m out of application memory and Rapidweaver pauses until I close open applications. With nothing else running, I review the processes with Activity Monitor and try republishing. Again, I can’t get beyond export. Surprisingly, Rapiweaver steadily increases the amount of RAM used to MORE THAN 60 GB! I then get the dreaded spinning wheel.

Anyone have any ideas?


Same issue here. I am using Version 7.0.3 (17839). I have 32GP of RAM in a 5K iMac.

I can’t publish or export. The memory usage escalates to the point I have to force quit RW7 and restart the computer.

Real Mac responded to my request for help. Others are having the same issue. I went back to 7.02.

C. Henderson
Email: chashenderson@mac.com

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Thanks! I will do just that.

I think it would be very wise to zip up your project and send to RealMacSoftware (or share via Dropbox or whatever).

If you’re using Stacks – then maybe send a copy to YourHead support too. I think it goes without saying that I’m very interested in what could cause that sort of massive memory leak.


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I just started using RapidWeaver yesterday with v7.0.2. Today, July 7th, I got the new version available message and upgraded to v7.0.3. After upgrading, as soon as I change themes I get a massive memory leak. Activity monitor shows memory in the tens of gigabytes and the processor in the high 90’s. The app eventually freezes and brings my other open apps down as well. Going back to v7.0.2 solves the problem.

Using a 2014 MacBook Air with El Capitan.

Does this happen to you also for newly created projects?

RW -> create new project -> Add a styled text page -> preview ?

In my case, just as Jannis Rondorf asked above, that’s exactly what happens. Creating a new project, adding a single styled text page, previewing, and then switching themes results in an immediate and severe memory leak. It also happened with the test project I had created the day before in v7.0.2. Switching themes seems to trigger the memory leak.

We’re looking into this issue now, can you also let us know what system you’re running, e.g. is it macOS Sierra?

I’m running 10.11.5 El Capitan.

Hi all,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve identified the problem, fixed it and a new build will be out soon!


Mac OS 10.11.5

C. Henderson

New build of RapidWeaver 7.0.4 is out, new build should fix the issue!

Three cheers for @tpbradley :tada: :tada: :tada:


7.0.4 works fine, thanks! :grinning:

Thanks for working all night on this but I’m afraid the fix is not 100%. After all that work did you link the wrong version to the “Download RapidWeaver 7.0.4 here” button? When I download it is says it is v7.0.3 created 7/7/16 at 5:08 am. That’s identical to the created timestamp for v7.0.3.

And the memory leak is still there so I’m guessing it is actually is v7.0.3 rather than v7.0.4 that is linked to the button.

Why not performing an inbuilt update to 7.0.4?

The “check for updates” feature is currently not working as of 6:52 am on 7/8/16. I’m guessing they are in the process of making a change.

@MarkSnyder I have no idea how these things work or propagate, but when I started up RW about 10 minutes ago it asked if I wanted to update. (No need for me to “check for updates”)

Looks like v7.0.4 is now available, memory leak is fixed, and the in-app update is working. Thanks guys! Get some sleep now. :slight_smile:

Slight correction. While the in-app update feature does download v7.0.4, the download link on the RapidWeaver update page here https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/ for v7.0.4 is still linking to v7.0.3.