RW6 now occupying c. 2GB of RAM

RapidWeaver 6.3.4 (with Stacks 3 and Mac OS 10.11.1) has been working smoothly until yesterday when RapidWeaver became extremely slow to open. Just opening the application (i.e. not clicking on a project file to open it) took about 5 minutes and was then so slow to respond that it has become unusable. I’ve discovered that it is now filling c. 2GB of RAM (4GB are installed — the maximum for my 2007 iMac).

Advice please. Could the RapidWeaver app have become corrupted?

I would hesitate to explain the cause of your problem but I have, like you, a 2007 Mac with 4GB RAM running RW 6.3.4 with Stacks 3 and OSX 10.11.1 and I currently have one project open. RW is using 132.7MB, so it seems pretty clear that the problem is not with RW per se.

Problem solved.

I reinstalled RW6; it opened rapidly and occupied c. 130MB of RAM. However, opening even a small RW project with only one stacks page took several minutes and occupied c. 2GB RAM.

So I reinstalled Stacks 3 and everything now works as it should with plenty of RAM to spare.

I would highly recommend this app to help manage RAM usage. Allows you to clear RAM without restarting the computer.

Makes my life WAY easier.


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