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… I have a problem using the “Override Site Banner” function.

Whatever the theme selected (those offered with RW (8.1.6) as the latest themeflood themes), with the latest version of RW and Stacks (3.6.6), on a new and fresh blank file and having it before delete preference files (com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver.plist - com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8.plist - com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaverpro.plist), the interface in General Settings forbids me to place an image in the box with this message : “The theme does not support banner images”.

It may be that I did not understand the use of this function: would you have an idea? …

Thank you…

Not sure if I understand this. Why are you deleting pLists?

You did not say what theme is giving you this message. The “change banner” function is not supported be every theme delivered with Rapidweaver. It was an added feature in RW7 so only the newest theme’s support the built-in banner change. Many of the ThemeFlood themes allow you to change banners in a different way.

@teefers Thank you for your attention.
My problem did not depend on a particular theme.

Otherwise, I just figured out where this limitation came from: I had to completely reinstall RW by removing ALL the files installed in the system, all the folders with the names “realmac” and “rapidweaver” in:
User -> Library -> Containers (there were 3 folders)
User -> Library -> Group Containers (there were 3 folders)
User -> Library -> Preferences (there were 3 files)

In fact, I installed RapidWeaver 8 from an installation on Sierra to Mojave simply by duplicating / moving old folders. I think the concern was this mishandling.

I hope I have been clear in my explanations … :wink:

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I guess I don’t understand what the problem you’re having is. The message that the screenshot happens when you use a theme that does not support the new change banner feature.

Not sure again I understand what you are saying here.
Did you upgrade anOS from Sierra to Mojave? Did you install rapidWeaver by trying to copy it from one computer (running Sierra) to another computer (Running Mojave)? If that is what you said, it would be much easier to just install RapidWeaver (from the release notes here) on the new computer. You can place the addon folders any place you want like Dropbox or iCloud and then just point the new computer to there. You shouldn’t have to go hunting thru Library folders or changing pList.

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@teefers In fact, all my compatible themes I had had the problem mentioned at the beginning of this post: so, it is not a theme that was problematic, but my configuration.
Lastly, I installed Mojave last September by doing a clean install on an internal SSD reset and then I placed the RapidWeaver folders in the correct locations in the system. RW was absolutely functional … except for this “Override Site Banner” option. With a little luck, and this good installation, RW will work even better …

Sorry for my english: the translation goes through Google … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, you misunderstand the function.
If the theme allows a banner image, you may override it here as you want, but if the theme, in the GENERAL settings doesn’t allow the use of banners, then you can’t use a banner or use the override site banner function.

I think the issue you having might be caused by the way you installed RapidWeaver on the newly installed OS. The best way is to redownload RapidWeaver (link above), do a clean install of Rapidweaver (re-enter license info), and then manually copy the addons folder from the backup or another drive.



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