Padding in extra content and stacks

Hi all,
Am a bit of a newbie and having trouble trying to reduce padding in EC and stacks. Despite reducing padding and margin to zero there seems to be a default padding around text and images inserted. Driving me crazy! Is there a CSS workaround that I should be trying?
Here’s screenshot with Extra content & stack coloured so you can see where padding affects text area.
Using Solitude theme on RW7.
Thanks in advance…

Not really following this. The text in all boxes appears to have no padding. The top box appears slightly wider than the other two. The social media images clearly take a lot less space than the container - you can adjust this with Fill mode under ‘Layout’. Can you detail what you are trying to achieve? iT is always a good idea to have padding around text with shaded background.

Thanks for reply.
The padding in text box is not the problem. The padding AROUND the text box i.e. the Extra Content padding is set to zero but still huge. In short, I want text closer together (reduced top and bottom padding in Extra Content segments)
Hope this makes sense.

Without a URL to at least a test page it’s difficult for folks to help you out.


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