Poster Stack padding or margin on main page

@instacks Jannis can you help? I still can’t get this working. On all main pages, how do I get the indent, be it padding or margins, to match the rest of my site? I’m using Foundation. You can see my tags above the main page, which is what the rest of my site follows.
thanks, Lisa

You are adding a -50px margin at both sides (css is below). If you remove that then that should square things up for you.

.poster-top {
margin-left: -50px;
margin-right: -50px;


Lisa, besides what Stuart said…

Have you tried BWD’s Scribe stack? It works great with Poster and it ads automatic indents (if you want them). It is based on markdown and it saves adding lots of header and paragraph stacks. One of my favored recent stacks.

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Thank you. Forgot that code was in there :slight_smile:

I have no clue how to use something like that. Does it involve code? I don’t know how to do markdown.
thanks :slight_smile:

Lisa, there’s no code. All you have to know of markdown is few very simple and easy to remember symbols, like “###” for h3, “*” for italics, “**” for bolds, "- " for unordered list and "1. " for ordered list. Everything is clearly explained here. You can learn it in 15 minutes.

Before I started using Scribe, I had zero experience with markdown. Once I tried, I picked it up quite easily. I find it especially well suited for texts like blogs or any free-style prose.


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