Rapidweaver 7 the global css isn't being applied to all pages

Under setting/code the global css isn’t being applied to all pages. I just wonder if all the rest of the setting don’t apply.
is there an option to turn on to make that happened ?

anyone can help with this?

Perhaps you have some CSS applied at the higher level (like in an individual page or a stack) that overrides the site-wide CSS code?

i have only one css at the global css and in pages its empty. I’m using foundation theme. not sure why.

have a link???


What CSS is not being applied?

The only site wide code I see in your consolidated.css is

@media screen and (min-width: 40em) {
    .top-bar-section ul li {
        float: right

and this IS being applied. Change the float: right to display:none and it disappears - i.e. the selector is being applied.

BUT - something has gone very wrong with the publishing of your site. The main stacks CSS file has a problem. Try a republish of all files.


so i republished the site again. http://frankies.co.il/demo/
If I change the float: right to display:none it take all the top bar menu out and leaves only the “home” button
that css came from Joe wokerman it tell the menu to go RTL.
Please let me know where is the problem.

Obviously you don’t want to change the code to display:none permanently - I was simply using that of an unequivocal demonstration that your site-wide CSS is being applied in answer to the title of your question your question.

ok got it.
so this css code:

@media screen and (min-width: 40em) {
.top-bar-section ul li {float:right}
don’t not apply to any of the pages through consolidated.css
would appreciate to know why. i tried other code and they work

My point was your code IS being applied to all the pages as per your question.

Look at the screenshot. Any page I pick has your code applied to the .top-bar ul li. The site-wide CSS is working.

On that page though, for example, you also have a paypal link in the zone. Zones are also set to float:right and are before the menu items in the HTML - they will therefore float to the right ahead of the menu items. You have set two groups of elements to float right and obviously they can’t both take up the same physical space.

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Thanks Andrew. your explanation help a lot and worked out.
all good now

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