Page name edit window unreadable (rw7)

hi there,
maybe i do something wrong. but in rw7 i am almost unable to read the page names when editing the text. see screenshot. did i twist some settings or is this the way it is?
thanks, ruby

it looks like you’re using RW7 in dark mode. RW7 was designed well before dark mode existed in macOS. i think to get good dark mode performance you’ll have to get a recent version of the app.

the same thing looks pretty great in RW v8.1

thank you! but it is turned off in my case. i turned it on and off and restarted each time. still the black left sidebar. using latest version of rw 7.5.6

If you’re using Dark mode in Mojave, RW7 will not display correctly as it’s not compatible with Dark mode. RW8 works in Mojave’s Dark mode.

The Dark theme in the screenshot you supplied is not related to Dark mode in Mojave. It’s just a code view in RW7.

thanks a lot neilUK! i do not use the dark mode in macos and do not use it in rw7. still the dark sidebar. is that normal or a bug?

RW7 had a dark sidebar. So that seems to be normal…

I’ve only just noticed that. I do use Dark Mode in Mojave and I always that dark text was because of that. However, switching Dark mode in Mojave off doesn’t change it. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but the text not visible enough really.

thanks jan! i am afraid that is the case. but how come no one noticed before? this is not usable for me. i have a good display (apple cinema)…

The sidebar should be dark, but not the text window when you’re changing the name (see normal behaviour here: I’m not sure why yours would be like that though…

Since I upgraded to Mojave over Christmas, I am seeing the same issue in RW7, as reported by @ruby. Here is a bigger screenshot to show the problem:

Because I do not have a retina display, I’ve got the computer in ‘light’ appearance mode:

As you can see, ordinarily, the page names in the sidebar sitemap show fine. But when you double-click one to edit, the dark text on a dark background makes them almost impossible to see.

This is RapidWeaver Version 7.5.6 (18820) running on Mac OS 10.14.2 (2018 Mac Mini).

Tagging @ben and @dan here too.

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thanks a lot will! and for contacting ben and dan! i also contacted realmac directly and they admit this display error. they did not say if they want to fix it but they wanted me to buy rw8…
can’t do that because of certain plugins and all the work adapting current projects to the new version.
hope they will fix it. thanks again! ruby

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