Page numbers in my blog

What do I have to do to get page numbers to appear in my blog; I can only see the five most recent posts/articles.

The built-in blog page doesn’t support paging. You might find Infinite Scroll useful: One can create a sort of paging with archives also (one week/month/year per “page”), or categories, by adding links at the bottom of the blog page - if your theme supports an extra content area there - or even footer, or in the end of every blog post. I find Infinite Scroll a decent compromise, works great and requires no updates or modifications after the initial setup.

thanks for the prompt reply, can you explain how to install the program? sorry if I speak bad English but Italian

install e configuration and where in Rapidweaver 6 thanks

If you download the packet and unzip it, you will find instructions inside (installation.html).

sorry to bother you, but I pasted the code in the header (I send you the picture) but not working because? where did I go wrong?

You need to add the javascript file (infinitescroll.js included in the zip package) to your project’s Resources. The code you pasted needs it. Just save infinitescroll.js on your computer and drag it into the Resources in the Rapidweaver sidebar. You need to publish your site to see Infinite Scroll working, as stated in the instuctions.

Just do the above and it should be up an running. I’ve been using Infinite Scroll in different blogs successfully for a long time now and think it’s even ideal.

By the way, you might want to translate the strings “You reached the end” and “Loading Next Page…” in Italian.