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When I first started using RapidWeaver in 2006, my right sidebar contained what I believe is called a Blogroll, a list of links to various selections of entries: by month/year, by Keyword, etc. I lost the code that generated that and have found no way to reconstruct it. Is there a generic RW function that produces this? A cleverly hidden switch somewhere? HTML code? I’ll appreciate any clues anyone might be able to provide. Thank you.

Try this.

  1. Open the Blog page in Edit view
  2. Click the Page Inspector on the right hand side
  3. Click the ‘cog’ button at the top of the page inspector (it’s at the far right)
  4. Select Categories and make sure it’s enabled
  5. Do the same for Tags
  6. Preview and your ‘blogroll’ should be back

If it isn’t, can you give us a URL so we can take a look?




Thanks for these instructions. I have had these settings as you suggested, but no blogroll shows up. Here’s the URL. (Note that I’m still recovering from my web server provider invalidating my password (without informing me), and I cannot as of this minute update the blog, but I hope to have that rectified later this morning.) david

I’d try a couple of things.

First, does it show up when you remove the Google Search thing?

Second, can you make a copy of the project and try using another theme? Just preview it and see if the blogroll shows up.

Longer term if this is a living breathing site I’d suggest you switch to a modern responsive theme. The one you’re currently using is ancient.

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Thanks, Rob. I think there’s a busted link in that sidebar. When I remove the code pointing at that busted link, I do get the blogroll showing up in the preview. Not yet able to update the site. I chose this theme because it was simple and clean. Is there any other theme that is also simple and clean and also “responsive”, whatever that means? Thanks for your help. david

Responsive simply means that your site and its content re-arranges itself to display more effectively on smaller screens.Given how many people search for and view sites on phones and tablets these days, it’s a must.

Sounds as though you’re using an old version of Rapidweaver? Might be an idea to upgrade to the latest version so you can take advantage of Stacks 3.5 and all the other goodies that are available now. Of course it depends on what you’re trying to achieve, your budget etc.

Clean themes?

I’ve always like Themeflood themes and Nick Cates as well. Weaverthemes are also good.

And if you want to design from scratch there’s Freestack, Foundation and Foundry.


This theme previews okay for small screens. Or seems to. Works okay on my iPhone, too.

My objective is to maintain the blog with a minimum of technical folderol. The necessary sidebar coding has always seemed to be RW’s weakest feature, a real blind spot for me, requiring mysterious coding I’ve never understood. I’ve been very hesitant to change anything other than the copyright year (which appears three or four different places in the templates) because any more complicated change seems to cascade into unintended consequences and much wasted fiddling around time.

I don’t understand what Stacks is, which is no different than all of the other apps that RW promotes. I’m certain that they must provide utility for some people, but I don’t understand what they provide, and don’t feel very motivated to understand, since I’m just looking for a clean and simple look. I’m using the current version of RW, which has gotten more difficult to use and more obscure to manage over the years. With each upgrade, I hope nothing very substantial will change.

Thanks for your suggestions and help.


I think the issue is that you have Javascript errors on the page.
one is calling a script from widgetserver that doesn’t seem to exist any longer. and returns a 403.
once that happens none of the scripts after will load…

the others are google ad related

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I’m trying now to reload the site with that update. The link went bad, apparently, so I needed to delete that. I suspect that the link, even when it was good, blocked the blogroll. Now struggling with the FTP upload. Often a weak point in the process. Thanks for the advice. david

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