Page Safe and PHP

I am using Page Safe @joeworkman to password protect my husband’s popular drawing webinars. However, purchasers are having a very hard time opening the locked page. They type in the code and the lock turns green and unlocks, and then it goes back to being an unlocked lock.

It may be a PhP problem. I use Siteground hosting. I have manually set the PhP from 8.1.0 to 8.0.10 to 7.4.23 . A few weeks ago, 7.2.34 was working but now there’s a warning in Siteground that 7.2.34 is soon to be depracated.

The webinar pages are found at

I would appreciate help!


If one version of PHP works with your host but another does not, that most likely your host probably doesn’t have the correct package is enabled. If you find the PHP error los in the server, they would probably have the information that we need.