Password Protection for Website Pages

Is there a way to password protect individual pages of a website built with Foundry?
Would one of Joe Workman’s stacks accomplish this?

I would like to create dedicated pages for some of my customer’s projects.
If possible I would also like to be able to put a time-lock on these passwords.
The time-lock would make the password usable for a limited amount of hours or days.

Any suggestions where to look?

Joe’s Pagesafe will allow password protection.

Not at a Mac right now, but I’m pretty sure it will work with Foundry without problems.

I don’t think it does anything about a “time lock”, it requires a republishing to change the password.

If you’re looking at a more robust lockdown and password manager then have a look at SiteLok from @vibralogix, it works well with RapidWeaver, but might be overkill for what you’re looking for.

Yes. Page Safe works in all themes.

Hi Joe,

Is there some where to learn which of your stacks are compatible with Foundry?

The only stacks that will not work with Foundry, would be his Foundation 1 or Foundation 6 stacks. Oh, and his email stacks. Everything else should work without issue.

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