Page won't scroll


Site is Foundation, and problem page utilises several ‘Reveal Lightbox’ stacks from Foundation-Dynamic Layout set. Some of the Reveal lightbox stacks have jpg images and a couple use De Fligra’s NiceFrame stack to iframe remote content.

When I had 4 ‘Reveal Lightbox’ stacks all was well. Since adding another two, the page has stopped scrolling. However, simply removing the last two doesn’t make it scroll again - it all seems to be more random.

I have checked on Safari and Chrome - the page just doesn’t want to scroll down any more.

Any clues??

I would create a new page, then copy the stacks from the problem page one by one until you find the one that triggers the issue.

Did that this morning and it’s definitely launchers containing the ‘Nice Frame’ stack - I’ll flag to DeFligra and see if he has any ideas.

Problem Solved - there is an option in Nice Frame to disable browser scrollbars and one of the Nice Frame stacks had this on. Moral of the story - don’t work late at night when half asleep :slight_smile:


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