Pagelime publishing error - help please?

Just created a new Joe Workman Pagelime stack, entered text and published and have a web page full of error code :(. Other page lime stacks on the page are displaying correctly. Any thoughts? Are Pagelime still supporting? No reply to a support request by email…

I should add that the error appeared after failing to publish correctly from the Pagelime web editor via Safari. All backups for the page in Pagelime web editor now display the same error code.


I don’t know PageLime; but I do know Joe Workman’s enterprise. I’m sure someone will reply soon!

In the meantime, could it be that you’ve miscoded the non-breaking space without the leading ampersand (’&’) and final semi colon (’;’)?

It seems that the relevant XML has an error associated with this.

would really need to see a link to the page that is not working.

Thank you.

Thank you Mark. No coding on my part, just a RW Pagelime stack and some text entered into it.

Send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net and we will look into this. I will need login for your Pagelime account to see what could be happening.

Many thanks. Have Pagelime support gone the way of the Dodo? I still haven’t heard back from them?