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Hi I am a novice at developing web sites and have not been able to make the Pagesafe stack work in my site. I am using Big Sur operating system on my mac, I can’t make Pagesafe work. I place the stack at the top of the page and it does not secure my page. Please any help you can provide will be appreciated.

The OS version shouldn’t make a difference.

Do you have a URL to the page?

Pagesafe should have made the page a PHP page. When you published the change (adding pagesafe) did you get a warning about duplicate pages (HTML and PHP )?

You are of great help for pointing out the issue with PHP and HTML. I have been getting notices that both pages exist and that I should delete one of them. The problem is I don’t know where are they located or which one should I delete the PHP or the HTML. Do you think that if I delete one of these pages Pagesafe will work? Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


If you had provided the URL I could tell for sure whether having duplicate pages is the issue.

If you look at the page inspector (right-hand side) and find the tab where you set the folder name, it will tell you the folder name of where you will find the page on the server.

It will also show you what the page name is (index.php or index.html). The one that it’s not is the one that needs to be deleted.

PageSafe uses PHP so more than likely if you delete the HTML version you’ll start seeing the page with pagesafe on it.

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