Panorama linked chooses flash player instead HTML5 player

Thanks for your time reading.
I’m trying to link a panorama to my website. I don’t want to embedded it. Just a full screen view with no menus or banners. All the panorama files are inside my server in my website. I’ve already linked the pano with a regular link to pano.html or through RW offsite page. Seems to work find but ipad gives me the “ERROR Adobe Flashplayer required!”. And that’s the point. The 360 panorama is inside a folder that contains the pano.html file, pano.js, pano.swf, pano.xml and couple of folders with jpeg tiles and skins. Why does browser not take the html5 file instead of trying to read the flash file? Please, what am i missing? How could just link a 360 panorama to my website?
Appreciated all your suggestions.