Paragraph plus stack

(kelly nixon) #1

What happened to Paragraph Plus by Big White Duck? I created a website in it a while ago! Just gone to update the site and the stack has completely disappeared and rapidweaver says I haven’t got the stack installed anymore! Can’t find it anywhere!

(Lisa Sandler) #2

because it’s Paragraph Pro:

It’s free. If you can’t find it, just reinstall it :slight_smile:

(Andrew Tavernor) #3

If you drop me a message to support [at] bigwhiteduck [dot] com then I can send you the old stack if it helps. It was deprecated over a year ago though in favour of ParagraphPro so please use that for anything new.

(kelly nixon) #4

Have they changed its name then? I have paragraph pro already! So I guess that means I’ve got to copy and paste all the text (which there’s a lot of and on every page) Sounds a bit of a nightmare to me!
Here’s a link to what I used before!

(Lisa Sandler) #5

as @tav said, it’s no longer supported but he can get you a copy of the old stack. It can be a pain to update to a new version of a stack, but it happens with technology and innovation.

If it were me, I’d slowly update everything to PPro, and for sure use PPro going forward.

(kelly nixon) #6

Hi Andrew, ok… no worries! Thanks for the info! I’ll re-do it all… if it’s gone there’s no point in continuing with it. Thanks.

(kelly nixon) #7

Thanks for your input too Lisa. Much appreciated! Thought I was going mad with stacks disappearing :grinning:

(Lisa Sandler) #8

Well, it shouldn’t have disappeared in your stacks/add-ons, so that part I don’t know. But happy to help. I use a lot of BWD products so I am familiar with the latest :slight_smile:

(Andrew Tavernor) #9

@Kelnixon It is not problem if you want another copy of the old stack - at least your existing pages will still work without alteration as per above.

(kelly nixon) #10

@tav its fine… done it now. Its the only website I’ve used Paragraph plus on, probably because i did it quite a while ago. Done now though and using Paragraph Pro. Thanks for your help :smiley:

(Ronnie West) #11

Hello, I am interested in this new stack ‘Paragraph Pro’ and notice that you are using it. I would like to see it in action so perhaps you would let me have the URL for you website so I could take a peek
Thank You.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #12

Not sure if you have seen the demo page at Big White Duck, but here is a link

(Andrew Tavernor) #13

Its actually 18 months old now - here is the original release post:

(Rob Beattie) #14

Paragraph Pro and HeaderPro are superb stacks. Well worth getting IMHO.

(Ronnie West) #15

I was hoping that Kelly Nixon would reply and allow me to visit her website to see how the HeaderPro stack had been used in practice.
Ron West.

(Lisa Sandler) #16

There’s not much to see, really, but I use Header and Paragraph Pro for all my text on my site:

(kelly nixon) #17

There you go Ronnie. Again not much to see! The Paragraph pro demo link is probably the best one to look at really as i still have much work to get my site up to scratch.

(Ronnie West) #18

Thank you for sending me the link, I am very impressed with your web site so far. I take it that your top bar is not yet fully functional. I added added a small tweet mentioning that I would be very interested to learn just how you achieved that small tweet paragraph - it is so simple yet very impressive. I would like to see something like that on my own site. I use the Foundation Theme and wonder if the stack you have included on your site, would work for me also?

(kelly nixon) #19

Yes, lots of work to go on it… Usually get about 120ish artists, makers and photographers on the trail.
They each send me four or five images (all shapes and sizes) so, its a huge task resizing and slotting them all in, which usually happens around Dec/Jan time.
So, i don’t normally go anywhere near it from the event in May till about Dec, but, I’m starting early this time.
Anyway, what did you find with the topbar and its functioning?
It’s all done in foundation and the twitter thing is just code in a html box really.
Here’s the code i used… there’s two places to enter your twitter name if you give it a try!
Not sure i can just enter code here, but i’ll give it a go!

Tweets by @Enter your twitter name here

(kelly nixon) #20

Haha… that didn’t work!