Demo Project files of old BWD satcks

Hi, This is a request to the ever giving talented Andrew Tavernor: Although the ‘plus’ stacks have been replaced by the 'pro versions, I find the Demo projects that went with the plus, were very interesting, in particular those for SectionsPlus and ParagrapraphPlus, ie at

Is there any way of retrieving the Demo projects

BTW a £10.00 donation is on its way :grinning:

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Firstly thanks for the donation, it is very much appreciated.

The Paragraph Plus demo file was made with Stacks 2 and an old version of Foundation. If I gave you the project file then it would just open with almost every stack on the page missing or deprecated.

If there is anything in particular on that page that you want to re-create then let me know but the core Paragraph Plus functionality along with all the new features is in the Paragraph Pro demo page.

Sections Plus never existed, prior to Sections Pro it was just called Sections. There were 3 or 4 separate demo files for that, again all made with what are now deprecated stacks. Again, if there was anything specific that you recall I can help you re-create but I don’t think there was anything that is not in the Learn Sections Demo Site and Project

Thanks for your prompt response.
I understand your stance.
I have all of your BWD stacks and notice that a large proportion of them use missing or deprecated stacks, many of them associated with Joe Workman’s Foundation framework/theme.
I am in the process of replacing each such ‘old’ stack with your ‘new stack’ as this gives me a working understanding and not just a static appreciation. It’s just that I liked the layout and graphical look of the old paragraph plus stack. Please keep up the great work that you are doing and you are very welcome to my donation.
I have followed Rapidweaver since its inception, my only published web page “Own a Slice of Wales”, being in the days of version 5, for the sale of my house.
I also learned Softpress Freeway Pro, before it disappeared, so I am a ‘tinkerer’, not a working web designer - one needs a client or a interesting life, to publish or blog, and I have neither!

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