Basic Foundation Text Issue

Using a theme that requires Foundations, I have a built out the entire site but when I go to preview the pages on one shows my text and the rest are coming up blank. I can’t figure out what I’m forgetting. I have copied My working site styles (which are set to default) and all my backgrounds are white but still no text. I know it’s something basic I’m missing. Any quick hit responses of what I can check would be appreciated.

A link to your site would be a help. Maybe the text is there but the same colour as the background - who knows until we see your site.

I don’t have it published yet.

Which font are you using?

I got it to work gentleman. Thank you. When I saved my theme settings I was forgetting to apply them to the new pages. Amazing what some sleep will do!!!

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Are you using partials with stacks? If not I suggest you should look into it.

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