Parallax Stack image width query, image not responsive

Hi all, my site is here:

For the photo at the top I’m using @1LittleDesigner’s Parallax Stack but I’ve just noticed that the image isn’t resizing to the fit the width of the browser. The image itself is 1500px wide which I thought would be enough, but it’s not filling the width. I’ve got a spacer stack on the top to give it the depth it needs in order to move on scroll: height 300 width 1.
Am I using this parallax stack in the wrong way?

Any help much appreciated.

I don’t have the stack so unsure of the settings, but check that the image background is set to cover, not contain.

If that option exists, that might be the problem.

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Thanks for that, but there is not ‘cover’ or ‘contain’ option in this stack.

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