Parallax question

Hi all, my temporary site is here:

I want the parallax image at the top to move as you scroll down, but the text on top to stay stationary, as at the moment it’s pushing down the stacks below it as you scroll down causing too much white space to appear. I tried getting rid of the padding on the parallax stack but then it cuts off too much of the photo. How can I make the amount of white space beneath (and above) the parallax image stay the same rather than expanding? Am I using the stack wrong?

I’m using the Parallax Flight 2 stack and the Foundation theme.

Any urgent advice gratefully received.

I know it doesn’t quite have the same effect but can you just do a fixed image background instead of parallax? I only suggest it as an ‘urgent’ fix

Yeah I think that’s a good idea thanks Jason will do.

Joes parallax stack is very easy to use and works well in Foundation

Hi Andrew yup just bought that one, seems to do the job, now I’m just trying to see if I can get your mouser stack to work with it, thanks so much :slight_smile:

All sorted, thanks everyone :slight_smile: