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I’ve read that Android devices cannot the read the content of parent pages. So, if a user taps on the title of a page that has subpages in the menu, the subpages menu will pop-up but any content in the parent page itself will not be accessible.

Is this true? If yes, is it true for all themes, or does it depend on the theme? or was it perhaps a past feature of Android that has now been corrected?

I guess no one uses Android devices here. :slight_smile:

Depends on the theme, and is not dependent on Android, but all devices.

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I switched to Android last year. Not for any really good reason – I just don’t use mobile devices all that much – and Android is a lot cheaper.

But that means, since I wrote Stacks, that Stacks itself will always be well tested on Android. :smiley: (And iOS too of course)

To help with your question it would probably be best to know a few more specifics. The more specific you are with the question, the more specific we can be with an answer.

First – your specific theme/themes used on your site. A link to the problematic page in question is always best.

If you can’t do that, then you’ll need to say a bit about the content on the pages – it could be that the problems are not theme related at all – but have something to do with an imbedded video or some other bit of problematic content on the page.

And also it’s a bit unspecific to say “on Android.” Unlike iOS which only allows WebKit/Safari (even Chrome is forced to use WebKit inside) – on Android many browsers exist and run natively – and there is a wide variety of version support. So knowing the specific browser and specific version that’s having trouble would be helpful – although a good guess is that they’re using the latest version of Chrome as that’s pretty popular.

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Some themes allow displaying the content of the parent theme, some not.

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