Partials disappear, is there a way to keep them?

I want to use partials as or like templates, but if all instances of a partial have been unpacked, and my RW project has been closed and reopened, then the partials disappear. Is there a way to keep a partial to use as a future template?

Partials live in projects. The easiest way to make a library of them is just to use a dedicated project file for the purpose. Just copy the partial and paste it into your “library” project.

Keeping a series of pages in this project is a good way to organise the partials with related ones on each page or a page for each of the site projects that the partials originally came from.

Thanks @tav. I will give that a try.

When I’m building a new site the 1st page I make is called styletest, I set it so that it doesn’t appear in the menu and use it to build AND CONTAIN all my partials and establish the site design.

Here’s the styletest page for the site I’m currently working on:
If the client comes to me and says ‘we’d like a xyz on the abc page’ then I can muck around with the design on the styletest page without touching the target page.

As an example, If you look at the bottom of the page you’ll see all my partialed section headers neatly stacked up.

I had completely misunderstood the way that Partials work until I began using them. I’d assumed they became part of my Stacks library and could be re-used in any project.I use the same approach as @tav but it feels clunky and I hope this is on @isaiah’s roadmap at some point.

I agree with you. I think Partials need options like: Library item or template item, and project wide or RW wide (in every project). I have made these suggestions directly to YourHead.

Global/Library/Whatever Partials will not happen, the opportunity for truly screwing multiple projects with one little edit is far to massive.
I’ve never had a situation where I want EXACTLY the same thing in 2 projects (let alone 3,4,5), nearly the same; yes, but not exactly the same. How hard is it to open an existing project and copy/paste something?
I even name the partials with the project initials eg. dma_settings, dma_pagebody, dma_header, dma_footer etc etc so that if I was to copy a partial from one project to another it WILL NOT clash with one already there.

We went through this in the Stacks3 beta and unless something very very radical happens you wont be seeing Global/Library/Whatever Partials any time soon.

Thanks for that information. I’m using your and @tav’s suggestion about the library (stylesheet) page, and that’s working fine.

Hi Guys

I keep losing my partials. Not all of them… just some. It is becoming an issue. I am not sure what to do. All my work from yesterday is GONE. I have to go back in and make new partials, blow up my pages, and re-apply again.

I don’t know where they go or how I can get them back.

@thebugnet – partials are part of your document. only the partials that are being used in the documents you open are shown in the library. so it could be that the “lost” partials were part of a document that you no longer have open. of course, if you delete a partial from every document it will indeed be deleted for good. so it’s also possible that they were simply not being used any longer.

I should also note that there are some other helpful posts about partials here:

Hope this helps, feel free to post your own questions there too.


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Looks like my partials issue was the result of a corrupt project file. My file actually lost the ability to same any partials in the library. I had the file open on my computer one night, and in the morning it would not wake up. I had to do a hard restart, and even tho the project file looked fine with all the pages and content in place, I lost the ability to save partials to that file. I still had partials from two days earlier but nothing new would stick.

I created a new test file and make some partials and saved them and they stayed in my library. I closed the document and opened them again and all was good.

I then went into my time machine backup and restored a series of instances of my working project. I tested each one to see if I could save partials to my library. I had to go back a day before my computer froze before I could save partials to project file (pretty early in the job). That is when I figured my partials issue was related to a corrupt file that seemed fine.

So… going forward, I am going to save more instances of my document, make a master page with all my partials do they don’t get deleted by the stack if not used, and be sure to close my working file (even if it is saved) before I call it a day.

On Monday I get to re-do 2 days of lost work. How fun.

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Status update.

I created a new RW file. Moved what I could over, unpacks my disconnected partials, then created new partials out of them. Saved! Applied new partials as need throughout the site… plus added an instance of each partial to a dedicated partials page. Saved Again. Shut down RW and started back up… all is good with the world. I then closed the file… made an archive of the project file and threw it in a folder called “Backups” just in case. I think I will make incremental backups and ZIP them when I hit key checkpoints in my project.

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