Partials and Weblinks

Is there anyway to make links that change on every page but are part of an image on a partial?

I would like to be able to make a button image that has different links on every page it is shown. I can make an image and unpin it so I can change the link on every page, however the problem is should I choose to change my image none of the links that I made on every page will remain.

Another way of saying it is in a month from now I want to be able to change the image (and have the image update on every page through the partial) but keep all the links that were different on every page.


There is no built in way to do this. The URL of the image and the URL of link are both properties of the same stack. You can’t unpin one but not the other. It is possible to do this with HTML, but you’d have to hand do it.

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

Okay thanks for the information, I was hoping there was some sort of a work around like adding a link stack to an image or something. I tired that but it seems you can’t have the link unpinned while the image inside the link stack is pinned.

Maybe there is some way to accomplish this with Global Content. Thanks again for the help!