Removing content from an image container

I have a partial with 3 image blocks. I fill them up with images, then decide that I really don’t want 3 images in this section (all unpinned). First I just highlighted the block, hit delete, and whole page vanishes. Dang. And since its a partial, if I delete the image block itself, of course that wreaks havoc down the line in other pages.

I can’t seem to get rid of the and go back to an empty image host. With no image it doesn’t show up on the page. Of course I can use Hide for this piece, but it’s just odd I can’t actually remove an image. Or I suppose I can have it host a 1 pixel image in that case.

when you say ‘block’ are you adding the images to a 3 column stack or as grid items?

Unpinned images are simply a way of having different images / text on each page whilst keeping the layout of a partial.

So if you want 3 different images on each page where you add the partial:

  1. add a 3 column stack to your page and convert it to a partial.
  2. Then unpin the 3 stack place-holders, click ‘back’ and add the images ‘outside’ the partial
    Images can easily be removed / replaced outside of the partial on any page.
  3. Your partial is in the library and can be dragged onto any page with just the layout - no images

You can of course mix and match, having a partial with some fixed elements and some unpinned.

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