Paste Style onto existing text?

Over the years running my blog, I’ve brought in text from all sorts of sources, programs, etc. I’d like to conform them all to a style that I like. I’ve found one example, but it doesn’t use one of the web safe fonts in RapidWeaver. Is there a way that I can apply the font/size/etc from this page to others? There’s pages like my table of contents that are a complete jumble, I’d love to be able to get it all uniform!

That post looks like it’s using the theme(Writer) default of Rubik-Regular.

Not sure if this is the page you are talking about Table of Contents | Survive A DUI.

But that’s using a different theme baukraft., and using the theme default for that theme Optima.

So you could try to change the theme to Writer and that should change the fonts.

Oops. The Table of Content that matches is at: Test/TableOfContents/ (for some reason I’m not allowed to link to my host right now?)

Especially towards the bottom you can see different fonts, etc. from copying/pasting.

I’m on my iPad now(until tomorrow), so I don’t have any developer tools(thanks Apple).

But the page still looks like a different theme than the one that you said you want it to look like. What theme are you going to use?

Rubik-Regular Is a Webfont(has to be loaded) that the Writer theme loads and uses.
The baukraf theme doesn’t load this font.

As for the “hodgepodge” of font families you have from copying and pasting, you need to get into the habit of pasting as plain text(opt+comand+ v).

It might be possible to fix some of the mixtures of font families with some CSS, but we would need to know what theme you are going to use and more specifically what on the pages you want to change, and what you want to change it to.

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