Font Plugin that Integrates into "Web Safe Fonts" Menu?

Hi Folks,

I’m using RapidWeaver 6. Are there any plugins that integrate into Rapidweaver’s “Web Safe Fonts” menu? Here’s why I ask:

I have several existing websites with HTML styles text that I want to “pretty up” with different fonts. I have tried using various stacks (Font Pro, FontStack, etc.) but none of these work on previously formatted (styled) HTML text…and I do not want to completely rebuild my websites.

So…are there plugins available that simply add a few more fonts to my existing RapidWeaver 6 “Web Safe Fonts” menu? This seems like it would be a fairly easy fix. Some theme I used placed some additional fonts in that menu, for example.

Again: please imagine a Basic Text stack (in a Column stack) that already has links, italics, bolded words, headers and all sorts of other fun formatting. I want to change this already formatted text to a new font, without having to reformat every single sentence in order to duplicate the links, etc. that were there previously. I’m happy to select the text and choose a new font…that would be fine.

Okay…I hope this was a specific enough question. Lastly, I am open to upgrading to RW7 or 8…but my experiences of past debacles where certain plugins or stacks stop working has made me very cautious about upgrades. So something compatible with RW6 would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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