Pay for Stack design?

Are there any companies who do stack design for hire? Similar to rent a coder or something?

@willwood will do a stack for hire.


Depends on what you need

Thanks Scott. I’ve outlined this previously what I’m trying to accomplish. Below is what I need to be able to do and would be pulling the data from a mySQL database.

Home page opens a table with about 500 records from a mySQL database. I want to make the last name field a link to a second page, call it detail.html, that provides additional info of the person. Because there are 500 records, I would prefer not to make 500 individual webpages. The detail.html page would only show the info based upon the last name selected on the home page.

For the sake of simplicity, detail.html page would have address, phone, email, additional notes of the person selected from the home page.

Please let me know the cost to develop this stack. Thanks,


What you want is called dymanic web page so you need to find someone who’s knowledgeable in stack creation and php programming.

I wonder if this is something you could do with this. Or whether the dev might build you a bespoke version?

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I think what @robbeattie called this - from @Bill is the closest to what you’re looking for. He might be interested (might charge) in adding that feature.
If not your best bet would be to follow @swilliam said and contact @willwood at he does do RW development for hire.


Thanks. I’ll contact @willwood. I looked at easydb but it won’t do what I need. Thanks.

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