Classifieds page made with Rapidweaver + Foundation?

#I’m trying to make a classifieds page for a client. here’s what he wants:

1) people write the ad online
2) pay with paypal
3) click submit
4) the ad is posted.

Somebody told me it was possible with a SQL Stacks and a Paypal Stack using Foundation and Rapidweaver. Any help?

here’s the idea:

Thanks in advance

Theme aside, your best bet, I think, is to handle the page via PHP, given that you’ll need feedback from PayPal to complete the process. I’m not aware of a standalone PayPal stack (they all come with a store front). Someone else may have a better solution.

OK, found a stand-alone paypal stack:

Didn’t initially come up in a Google search… :wink:

Sorry for the multiple posts…

Perhaps this may be of some help as well:

I would not recommend using StackApps, as it has not been under development for some time, see this screenshot

Stacks 2.5 was beta testing back in late 2013 I think. Not that I think they will not work, just that it seems to be no longer developed. For the SQL part, check out Kuler’s SQL set
I believe that can be used in conjunction with any form stack to enter content into a database, not sure how to integrate the paypal into it though.

@zeebe I had looked at the Kuler set as a recommendation myself, but, seeing as it was read-only, I thought the stackapps might be a better solution. :wink:

I was thinking about using the paypal stack that @JCMII recommend me as a jump to feature. Example: pay here and go build your classified ad in other page kind of functionality. what do you think?

Any ideas on how to achieve this project with the stack apps?

Here’s what I have in mind:

This will happen after you paid with Paypal in the Classifieds ads page (made with foundation theme).

1. Create a page to build a form with the foundation theme (selecting send to SQL database option)

2. Create the classifieds ads page with Kuler SQL stacks to show whatever the person sent filling out the form.

what do you think?

Sounds like it should work to me.

it’s not working. need help. here’s the test page:

First, I don’t speak/write Spanish (my speaking of Spanish is very limited, far worse than better), so I can’t really read the site and thus don’t know how much help I could give.

Second, what isn’t working - we need details! :smile:

No need for spanish to help me. Lol
When I’m filling the form to send the contents to MySQL database it says “something went wrong. Can’t connect to database” so nothing shows up in the classifieds page.

What do I need to do in the database server? Any special settings? Something specific to be able to import what people fills in the form? Thanks

So, it “can’t connect to the database.” Usually this means some part of the connection string is incorrect. Have you verified the settings - UID/PWD, Server, DBName?

Yes. I created the database. Db name, db password, db server etc etc. Do I need to do
Something else?

Ive made the “classifieds” part with stackapps. Just not the payment part.

Although… i just implemented a paypal download link on another site that might work…
Stack used was PayPalStack

Thinking about it, if you had this stack on a page just like any other products page then when the user is confirmed to have paid for the classifieds ad through PayPal, it directs them to the page with the form to fill out the actual ad. (the stack detects if the user has paid through PayPal and displays content based on Yes/No)

Might use this myself :smile:

Cheers for your ears.

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Oh my God! That’s what I’m talking about! I have the stacks you used so, I think I would be able to do this! And also use it for me too! Lol

I’ll let you know if anything goes wrong.

If you have verified that you have the right PHP operational, and you have verified your UID/PWD/Server/DBName, then I’d contact the developer of the stack you are using to find out what may be going wrong.

Could you send me a RW6 file as a template just to see how you did it. I’m trying here and I don’t see any results. Please send me an email (albertkinng [@] gmail [.] com) with the file. thanks. (if I’m asking for something that you feel is kind of disrespectful, please accept my apologies in advance. I’m just trying to understand how to build this feature on my project)

Have you verified your host is using the right PHP version?

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yes. my host is using the right Php version. I’m new working with mySQL databases so I guess I need help on that. Maybe is something very obvious or simple but the fact that I don’t know how to work with it makes this project a living nightmare right now. I just need directions.