PayLoom multiplying by 100?

Yabdab’s Payloom 2 – Because it’s the only one that does what I need it to do, but also happens in Payloom 3.

Been working fine for years – All of a sudden, a client calls up and asks me why I’m charging $7500 for a $75 service. Blah, blah, blah, it’s multiplying everything by 100. Don’t know why, not precisely sure when it started (recently, for sure).

Rolled back RW to (December – 7.2?) still happens. New page, still happens.

The quick fix obviously was to re-enter all the rates on the page to 1/100th of the actual value. Thankfully, the price in the cart matches the price on the rate sheet.

Anyone have any idea why this is happening all of a sudden? Is there some other “cart” that I should be using that doesn’t look like I sell T-Shirts? This is a service - A simple list is best. I have some other pay thing that I haven’t messed with much yes (stack-based - hated it, but I need options).

Page in question if it helps: