Yabdab Payloom Gone?

Does anyone know what has happened to Payloom? I just tried updating to v3 and although the product page still exists (via external links but not navigable-to on the Yabdab website) the links are all dead. I can’t find any chat about its demise anywhere, and so far have received no reply from my support request. I hope I can get hold of v3 or 4, as I use this plug-in on several client sites and do not really want to switch to something else, but v2 seems to be throwing up some formatting issues on later themes now.

Anyone know what happened and when?


I don’t know anything more than it was removed from the menu system about April, 2016. I know @yabdab went on vacation for awhile but don’t know if he is back yet or not.

Unfortunately, no announcement was made about it or anything… I am being optimistic that he is rebuilding it for RW7… but have no insider info on that just hoping…


Thanks for that, Brad. Fingers crossed that you are right!


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Received a reply from Mike at Yabdab. He says they have suspended sales of Payloom for the time being, and thought that my suggestion of rebuilding the page using PageSnap was a good one, as it was better in his opinion. Looks like I am a bit high and dry with Payloom 2, but that’s progress, I suppose!


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Any reason given by Mike? I have Payloom 3 and would not be too impressed if they have dropped support so soon after release!


Hi Mark

No reason given, and I did not enquire further I’m afraid. There do seem to be some support pages up and running, but perhaps development is not considered worthwhile. I may as well ask, and will post the response here.


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No response to that question, unfortunately.

How strange…

Well, I guess we will need to find alternative options then. I am currently looking at Vibracart PayPal from Vibralogix. I currently use their membership management scripts (Sitelok) and their Vibracart offering will integrate nicely with that…

Pretty poor communication from Yabdab!

Thanks for trying…

We will continue to support current Payloom 3 owners.

Thanks Yabdab. I did rebuild the page using your PaySnap stacks, by the way, and it looks fine and works well but I do miss the screen-edge cart window.

Is there an upgrade path from Payloom 3 to Rapidcart?

I would doubt it, Rapidcart is from another developer!